Stem Cell Therapy in Japan

Stem cell therapy is a form of "regenerative medicine" where stem cells are cultured from their own body's cells and injected into the affected area. This therapy may repair tissues such as cartilage and blood vessels that were previously thought to be irreparable. Since it utilizes their own cells, it is considered a safe treatment.

We have partnered with reputable clinics in Japan to offer high-quality stem cell treatments.

▶Examples of indications for stem cell therapy

Liver Dysfunction


Kidney Dysfunction

Cardiovascular Disorder

Joint Pain

Neurological Disorder

Allergic Dermatitis

Hair Thinning

If they receive stem cell therapy, two visits to Japan are required. The first visit is for cell collection, and the cells are cultured for administration during the second visit. The detailed process is as shown in the diagram below.

We can also arrange interpreters and accommodations in Japan. We provide information on treatment costs and detailed explanations of the treatments. Please feel free to contact us through the form. Consultations are free of charge.